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w/ Plant Eyes

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The first episode of ECOZONES by Plant Eyes is titled:
"a u t o g r o w (forest found me)"


Susumu Yokota - The Colour Of Pomegranates (The Boy and The Tree) Leaf

Arad Acid - Frontmxxd (Furi) Motion Ward

Ben Bondy - Suelti (APhelion Lash) West Mineral Ltd.

Celia Hollander - Surround Sound Me (Recent Futures) Leaving Records

D.K. - Forest Palace (The Goddess Is Dancing) Good Morning Tapes

Antonio Zepeda - La Danza De Los Nahuales (Retorno A Aztlan) Olinkan

Asa Tone - To Tell A Picture (Temporary Music)Leaving Records

Green-House - Parlor Palm (Six Songs for Invisible Gardens) Leaving Records

Memotone - Niigghht (Invisible Cities) Diskotopia

Andrea - Twin Forest (Ritorno) Ilian Tape

Lieven Martens - Verde (Insular Monographs)Edições CN

Carlos Niño & Friends - Forest Pulse feat. Laraaji & Photay (Bliss On Dear Oneness) Leaving Records

Natureboy Flako - Silver Forest Spirits (Ambitus Of Beauty) Materialized Moments

Four Tet - Green (Sixteen Oceans) Text Records

Akasha System - Fog Forest (Echo Lost) 100% Silk

地球 - ジャングル (地球) Hiraeth Records

Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft - Breath Chant (Single) Melody As Truth

Every 2nd Wednesday Plant Eyes and AMSL present Ecozones. Here they explore musical approaches related to and inspired by plants, botany and ecological topics. Imagine trips from hidden spots in the deepest forests to green urban environments, vertical farm complexes and Solarpunk cities in a hopefully not to distant future. 🌱🌿🌴💚🌳🌿🌱

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