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  • Electronica / Downtempo
  • International

Second episode of ECOZONES. AMSL and her family of birds guide you through sounds of clouds and rain and the minutes when it stops.


Palta - Universel (Universel) Melody As Truth

Shuta Hasunuma & Uzhaan - Green Gold Grey (feat. Arto Lindsay) (2 Tone) Birdwatcher Records

Naran Ratan - Forevertime Journeys II (Trees Etc.) Tasty Morsels

Chassol - Birds, Pt. I (Big Sun) Tricatel

Andrew Skeoch - Blue Gum Forrest (The Blue Mountains) Listening Earth

Walter Wanderley - Rain (Rain Forest) UMG Recordings

water feature - With Flowers (In The World Generally) Tasty Morsels

Duval Timothy - First Rain (2 Sim) Carrying Colour

Connan Mockasin, Andrew VanWyngarden- Mountain Pass No 1 (Self Discovery for Social Survival - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Kemado Records

Upsammy - Growing out of the Plastic Box (Zoom) Dekmantel

D.K. - Going Into Trance (The Goddess Is Dancing) Good Morning Tapes

El Buhó - Spix‘s Woodcreeper (Xiphorhynchus Spixii) (A Guide to the Birds of South America EP) Rhythm and Roots

Finis Africae - Adiós a Puerto España (Adieu to Puerto España) (Amazonia) EM Records

The Mystic Moods Orchestra - Theme from „A Summer Place“ (The Mystic Moods Orchestra Plays Nighttide) 1972 HDS

Bakongo - Disposition (Momoweb / Disposition / Goulbap) Livity Sound Recordings

Sahalé - Hell on Earth

Every 2nd Wednesday Plant Eyes and AMSL present Ecozones. Here they explore musical approaches related to and inspired by plants, botany and ecological topics. Imagine trips from hidden spots in the deepest forests to green urban environments, vertical farm complexes and Solarpunk cities in a hopefully not to distant future. 🌱🌿🌴💚🌳🌿🌱

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