NOW ON AIR: Daily Rotation w/ Team Atem

w/ Greenplant

  • Ambient
  • Electronica / Downtempo

Here's the show's playlist:

01 Senescence - Greenplant

02 Spring Nostril - Naran Ratan

03 Vegetable Eater - Naran Ratan

04 Deep Blue Day - Brian Eno

05 Haustorium - Greenplant

06 Peperomia Seedling - Green-House

07 (They Call Me) Jimmy - Tim Hecker

08 GREEN - Hiroshi Yoshimura

09 Forest Ferns Mossy Earth - Greenplant

Background music from Meditation with Greenplant EP by Greenplant.

Thank you for this opportunity, I hope you enjoy the show. · Greenplant Ecozones

Every 2nd Wednesday Plant Eyes and AMSL present Ecozones. Here they explore musical approaches related to and inspired by plants, botany and ecological topics. Imagine trips from hidden spots in the deepest forests to green urban environments, vertical farm complexes and Solarpunk cities in a hopefully not to distant future. 🌱🌿🌴💚🌳🌿🌱

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