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  • Breaks
  • Electronica / Downtempo
  • House

bright and cold areas ️🌨

Binaural Recordings - Night Chorus

Dave Nelson - The New Normal

IKSRE - all the sparrows have moved to the city (kid smpl remix)

Andy Scott - butterflies

The Marx Trukker - Midway Sleek Fields

Monolake- Triode Univec

Jaeho Hwang - Ageing Process

Nostalgianoid - Homme D’Arbre

Mucho Sueño - Heart Of Glass

Mätisse - Eurene

Constant Shapes - Wind Leaf Shimmer

Ms. Indie Pop - Platform

Daniel Location - Pure Elation

James Ferraro- Fossils

Binaural Recordings - Night Chorus

Every 2nd Wednesday Plant Eyes and AMSL present Ecozones. Here they explore musical approaches related to and inspired by plants, botany and ecological topics. Imagine trips from hidden spots in the deepest forests to green urban environments, vertical farm complexes and Solarpunk cities in a hopefully not to distant future. 🌱🌿🌴💚🌳🌿🌱

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