NOW ON AIR: Daily Rotation w/ Team Atem

Guest Mix
w/ Stanko

  • Jazz
  • Soul / Funk

It's Stanko, aka Johannes Stankowski, with an afternoon enhancing cozey, smooth and mellow selection straight from his vinyl collection.

1 - Amore Grande Amore Libero (Il Guardino Del Faro)
2 - Mascaram Seteba (Mulatu Astatke)
3 - Get into your love (George Smallwood)
4 - KBE Edit (Baateside)
5 - You must go on (Junei)
6 - I won't stop (The Manhattans)
7 - Oh Gitl (Chilites)
8 - Bacchus Dream (Jc Pierric feat. Daniel Janin)
9 - O Babuaa Yeh Mahua (Asha Bhosle)
10 - Fragments of light (Sensation's Fix)
11 - Snap (Cleo McNett)
12 - Pig (Sasac)
13 - Ingerberg (Bayas, Cosma)
14 - Onyx (Space Art)
15 - Angel of the Morning (Chet & Jim Moore)
16 - Premiere Gymnopedie (Victoria Looseleaf)

Under the name "Guest Mixes" we invite talented and daring artists who are not yet part of the family to contribute a mix at irregular intervals. Almost every style is accepted and almost anything can happen.

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