NOW ON AIR: Daily Rotation w/ Team Atem

Soyya Room
w/ Secret Stage

  • Ambient

Secret Stage is a Cologne-based music producer and game developer who combines his two passions in interdisciplinary projects whenever possible. After numerous excursions into the more danceable realms of music, he found most comfort in producing ambient sounds, which lead to the release of his first album, Samurai Dreams, in 2017. Now, his work involves combining traditional compositions with algorithmic approaches and field recordings. In addition to his own work, he is involved in the local scene as a member of the Soyya collective and co-owner of the Aisthesis label.

SOYYA distant hugs +++ SOYYA is a collective of 8 friends from all over Cologne, formed in early 2019. Together they run a small off-location in Köln-Mülheim, where they organize and host events such as exhibitions, readings, concerts and smaller parties. The main focus is to offer a diverse space where local and upcoming artists, as well as off-the-radar acts and performers can find an audience. +++ Contact: Instagram: @soyya_room Telegram-Channel:

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