NOW ON AIR: Daily Rotation w/ Team Atem

w/ Neozaïre

  • Ambient
  • Electronica / Downtempo
  • Industrial
  • IDM

Originally aired at M50’s show on Chicago’s WNUR 89.3 FM some time ago, this audio document finds Neozaïre aka Tobias S presenting a seamless 2 hour mix of timeless electronica including tracks from befriended labels and artists such as Noorden, That Night (Südturm Records),, Kompakt and more.

Full tracklist:

That Night -­ Future Ruins (Noorden)
Dettinger ­- Untitled (Kompakt)
Evitceles -­ Closer (Noorden)
Radiance ­- I (Basic Channel)
Pagan -­ Pagans (Osiris Music)
ASC ­- TMA-1 (Space Cadets)
HTRK ­- Body Lotion (Sleeperhold Publications)
Ikpathua -­ Forest Echoes (Noorden)
Synkro ­- Presence (Apollo)
Japan Blues -­ Stoned Bird (Berceuse Heroique)
Elemental ­- Zero Point Energy (Alpha Cutauri)
Oak ­- Bedroom Community (Space Cadets)
Tosya Chai -­ Miss Hope (Not Not Fun)
Unknown Artist -­ AναστενάÏια [Vatican Shadow Version] (ΚΕΜΑΛ)
Sanasol ­- Normal Spot [Sanarama Mix] (Thule)
Demdike Stare -­ Dyslogy (Modern Love)
Gray Chalk ­- Attest To The Trouble It Caused (Bons Vivants)
Theo Parrish -­ Secondary Darkness (Sound Signature)
Omar Santis ­- Red Ones Or Gold Ones (Woodsmen & Lady Log)
The Hers ­- Tony (Sex Lies Magnetic Tape)
Acid S ­- Easy Autumn Winds (
Model 500 -­ Starlight [Convexion Remix] (Echospace)
Soul Project -­ CF01 (Booma Collective)
Ladan ­- Sorry (Not Not Fun)
Sashok Musorovoz — Aptechka (
Philippe Cam -­ Mixte (Traum)
Atheus ­- Drone 37 Hz (Styrax)

Styrene is a monthly show hosted by Tobias S, focussing on different, mainly past eras of recorded music. Each show is a different glimpse into S’s collection of vintage vinyl LPs and 45s.

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