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Turtles All The Way Down
w/ Daniel García González

  • Ambient
  • Electronica / Downtempo
  • Experimental
  • Dream Pop
  • Shoegaze

( ͒•·̫||д꒪ͧ)…🌃 a deep dive into dense ambient textures, dubbed out off-kilter breaks and hazy late night melancholia


Nosaj Thing - For The Light (Single) Self-released

Ben Bondy - Dwon (Pajeon DJ Tapes Vol. 1) Self-released

AIR Krew - Old Asics /w Крутицкий Кат (Discuss and come back)Motion Ward

Internazionale - Eucalyptus (VA - The Moon Draws The Ravenous Seas)Janushoved

Scapular - Skyglow (Devotional)13

Romeo Pirier - Le Bématiste (Hotel Nota) Sferic

Kuedo - Floating Megastructure (The Sprawl OST) Knives

Shlohmo - Looking At Plants (Heaven Inc.) Friends Of Friends

Vatican Shadow - Uncontrollable Oasis (Real Life Spy Mystery Ends With
Scientist Hanged In Iran)(Persian Pillars Of The Gasoline Era ) 20 Buck Spin

Laila Sakini - Fiorucci (Strada) Boomkat Editions

Ulla - Untitled (Inside Means Inside Me) Boomkat Editions

Suso Saíz & Suzanne Kraft - The Weak Wheel Of The World (Between No Things) Music From Memory

"TAWD got its main focus on electronic and experimental music and tends to the melancholic, blurry and dreamy side of its spectrum but there might be nods to beat driven excursions, jazz or modern classical approaches on its way as well. Besides contemporary and actual currents in music it once in a while happens to reflect on reference points back in the time when it seems fit or I've simply slept on something for whatever reason ꒡ .̮ ꒡ I try to attach playlists and links to the artist's sites here as if you feel like it and can afford it: go and support the artists! Thanks for listening!" Daniel

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